Why join the Aspirant Collection?

No Commission

Individual Artist Page

Exposure and Promotion

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Become part of collection of Queensland's best emerging and growing artists

What are the benefits?


Individual Artist Page

The main perk to becoming part of the Aspirant Collection, is an individual professional artist page that we tailor to fit you and your art.

This page can act as your artist website, if you don’t have one already, or be used to direct traffic to your long standing website, social media page or other online marketplace.

Your page will feature:

  • Work currently listed for sale (with all details, including a blurb if applicable);
  • Past works sold on our website;
  • Artist statement and CV;
  • Links to your own private website and social media pages;
  • Links to any news articles on you or your work;
  • The option for commissions; and
  • Your contact details.

In addition, this page and any listings are completely managed by us. Meaning no uploading or fuss on your end.


No Commission

There is no commission taken on any work sold online, rather just an annual membership fee and listing fee for each work displayed on your page.

This means that the total sale amount for the work sold, goes directly to you!


Assistance with Transactions

As one of our goals is to make selling your art work as straight forward as possible, we provide artists with two options.

On joining, artists can elect for customers to contact them or us.

If you wish to handle the entire transaction yourself, customers will contact you and you will then handle the payment and delivery. On the other hand, as the Aspirant Collection operates out of Aspire Gallery, customers may contact us, pay us and pick up from us. All you have to do is drop the work to Aspire Gallery and we’ll pay you the sale amount. As this service is covered underneath your membership fee, the only cost involved in this option would be eftpos fees if a customer elects to pay that way!

Whichever option you decide will be featured on your artist page to make the whole transaction easy for you, us and the customer.


Exposure and Promotion

As the world turns digital, online platforms are becoming more important for artists. The Aspirant Collection simply provides another avenue of exposure for artists to promote and sell their work.  
By being featured in the Aspirant Collection, artists and their work will be regularly promoted across the social media channels of both the Aspirant Collection and Aspire Gallery, featured once a year in the Aspire Gallery newsletter, and advertised during other events. In addition, by including your own social media channels on the page and throughout our promotion of you, we hope to increase the traffic to your  art and increase your customer base.

Finally, since we see this collection as Brisbane’s best collection of growing and emerging artist, you will be our first choice for any opportunities arising from local businesses or supporters.


Annual Group Exhibition

Part of operating out of Aspire Gallery means a physical gallery space that is easily accessible to the Aspirant Collection team.

Once a year, Aspire Gallery will host ‘The Aspirant Collection Exhibition’ to showcase and promote the brilliant artists in the collection and their latest work.  

This exhibition will be free to the artists and run entirely by the Aspire and Aspirant Collection team, with only a 30% commission taken by Aspire Gallery on any sold work.  


Aspirant Membership

As the Aspirant Collection operates out of Aspire Gallery, all artists in the collection will receive Aspirant membership.

This membership includes lots of perks, including: -

  • discounts on competitions and group shows at Aspire Gallery;
  • access to weekly Aspirant Articles; and
  • much, much more!

To read more about the Aspirant Membership, click here.

What is the cost?

We operate on a membership and listing fee, with no commission taken. Membership works out at just $8 a week (probably less than your gym membership!), yet you will be gaining so much more than just $8 by becoming a part of a selected collection of artists that is actively supported and promoted through a reputable gallery. 

Membership Fee
  • Includes one free listing; however, a minimum of three listings must be maintained at all times.
$399 /Year
Listing Fee
  • Whilst a minimum of three listings are required at all times, your four latest sold works will remain on your page, free of charge.
$30 /Listing

Interested in becoming part of the Collection?

Applications are now open for our 2017/2018 Collection. 
Simply email your Curriculum Vitae / Resume and a small portfolio of your work to info@aspiregallery.com.au

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