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Artist Background


Jennifer is an Australian artist, designer and illustrator based in Brisbane, Queensland. Her unique digital mixed media works are beautiful, dreamy and full of detail. Created using a combination of traditional art techniques, weaving, photography and computer technology, they often incorporate found objects and recycled materials.

Jennifer’s work emphasises the pattern and beauty in everyday things. In her early twenties she became aware that not everyone saw the world in the same way. “I see a fine veil of swirling, dancing and colourful dots over everything I look at - it turned out most other people didn’t.” In her artwork Jennifer explores how we physically view the world differently and pattern, both man-made and naturally occurring. Each piece captivating in its own right as a landscape or a still life, hidden in the detail is another story. Layers and layers of found objects and things we often discard take on a new life and combine to create something beautiful often with a strong, over exaggerated use of pattern.

Jennifer holds a degree in fine art and during four years spent in New Zealand ran her own gallery in the picturesque Wellington suburb of Island Bay. Today she works a full time independent artist from her sunny Queensland studio.


Available Artwork

Blue Toile Billabong 2017
  • Photographic weaving with post consumer recycled paper | 27.5 x 27.5 cm (unframed)
  • This Australian landscape has been mixed with a variation of the same scene covered with a lacy pattern by weaving the two image together to create a picture a little reminiscent of toile fabirc. Toile was a decorative pattern usually consisting of a single color from the mid-18th century, usually depicting a landscape or pastoral theme. I grew up surrounded by chintz patterns like toile, and my toile works are somewhat a reference to moving to Australia. People bring their own culture, history, their families hand me down fabrics and Grandma's good china with them, to a new home.
River Shimmer 2017
  • Photographic weaving with post consumer recycled paper | 29.4cm x 42cm (unframed)
  • This image of gum trees on the banks of a river was weaved with strips of patterned post consumer recycled paper treated with a gloss varnish for a pretty and subtle shimmer.
Waterfall 2017
  • Photographic weaving with post consumer recycled paper | 57 x 80 cm (unframed)
  • Inspired by the ripples in the water at this beautiful remote waterfall location in Kakadu National Park, Australia. Woven with strips of recycled paper to enhance the patterned effect of the water.
Desert Shades 2017
  • Photographic weaving | 52cm x 52cm
  • Two aerial photographs of the central Australian desert where flipped to form kaleidoscopic images then woven together to create a colourful abstract pattern.

Artist Details


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts


  • 2017 - Finalist Lethbridge 10 000 Art Awards
  • 2017 - Highly Commended ArtWorld Studio Portrait Prize
  • 2017 - Local Business Prize Foot Square, Aspire Gallery
  • 2016 - Voters’ Choice Winner Foot Square, Aspire Gallery
  • 2017 - Down Under Textiles Magazine Issue 29
  • 2017 - Grand Designs Australia Magazine Issue 6.4
  • 2017 - Down Under Textiles Magazine Issue 28
  • 2013 - The Loop Blog, August
  • 2012 - Etsy artists chat, Vivid Festival, Sydney Apple Store
  • 2008 - Digital Camera Magazine, Autumn Issue
  • 2017 - Lethbridge 10000, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane
  • 2017 - Weaving Illusions, Left Bank Gallery, Gold Coast
  • 2017 - Landscape, Royal Queensland Art Society, Brisbane
  • 2017 - SNAP17, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane
  • 2017 - All Creatures, Royal Queensland Art Society, Brisbane
  • 2017 - Ipswich Art Awards, Ipswich
  • 2017 - Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane
  • 2016 - Elemental Brisbane, Reverse Emporium, Brisbane
  • 2016 - Babies, books and rhymes, Ashgrove Library, Brisbane
  • 2016 - Delicate Emotive, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane
  • 2016 - Comforts of Home, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane
  • 2016 - Foot Sqaure, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane
  • 2016 - Snap, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane
  • 2013 - Once Upon a Time, The Art & Design Precinct, Brisbane
  • 2003 - Art Space Island Bay, Wellington
  • 2002 - Art Space Island Bay, Wellington
  • 2001 - Art Space Island Bay, Wellington
  • 2001 - Art Within, Wamberal
  • 2000 - Femme Fatale, Green Frog, Newtown
  • 2000 - Art Within, Wamberal
  • 1999 - Latest work, Candy’s, Manly
  • 1998 - Liminal, Ourimbah
  • 1997 - Central Coast Arts Fringe Festival

jennifer bell

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